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Closing on a home? We have secured storage throughout all 48 states

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Secured Storage

We totally understand you may need storage during your move. We provide our customer with many options to fit just about every need in order to keep the process smooth. Maybe you are waiting on the house to close, storage is a great option to fill in the gap in the mean time to ensure your locking in the best possible rate for your move cost. Even if we need to delay the delivery for your move, we have storage options to secure the items until you give us the green light to re-deliver, usually at no additional cost!

Storage Services

We totally understand you may need storage during your move. We provide our customer with many options to fit just about every need in order to keep the process smooth.

Frequently Asked Questions

The key factor that will dictate the transit time is for one the distance being traveled. Naturally a cross country move might take a bit longer than a move under 1000 miles. The size of the move also has an influence in the delivery spread. A larger move, taking up all, or majority of the truck, is more likely to ship out quicker than a smaller which needs a more adequate amount of space occupied before being shipped out.

The cost of a Long Distance move is influenced by three factors, size of the move as far as cubic Ft./weight, distance being traveled, and time of the year. These days we understand every family is trying to keep their move as cost effective as possible, while still receiving a high quality of service. With our logistical experience and network of carriers, we’re able offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry! Discounts are usually honored for AAA,Senior’s (over 65yrs old)Active & former Military, AARP, as well as public service workers.

Yes, Every reserved move holds a cancellation period of 72 hours within booking. Customers have the opportunity to cancel for an 85% refund within the allotted time frame. We do hold 15% for processing fees.

In the unfortunate event of lost or damaged items, we step in with our best foot forward in assisting with filing a claim with the insurance carrier.

Prior to every move we do what’s called a Quality Assurance call. This call is to ensure all proper expectations have been set and more importantly gives you the option to add or remove items from your inventory at the same rate you originally locked in. Quality Assurance will also go over delivery spreads and important info related to the truck and what to expect on move day.

The bill of lading is a legal document ensuring that a shipment of household goods will be picked up, transported, and received at the new home. This is issued by your contracted moving company to the customer and includes all the important details of the move.The bill of lading will include the name, condition, and other information about the truck that will carry the load. It will also contain the destination of the shipment and the initial cost of the transportation process.

The best insurance for your move is the way the items are packed. Our movers are trained, experienced professionals who are thoroughly vetted in packing. All of our moves come with the packing of all standard furniture. Box’s, mirrors, glass, etc. would be considered additional. If you’re someone looking to cut cost packing your own items is an option. Whether you’re experienced in packing or moving for the first time our team would be happy to provide the best tips and hacks in order to ensure your items are safe for transit.

As we know unforeseen things do happen on the road. In the event of an accident all trucks have standard liability as well as catastrophic coverage towards all cargo. Rest assured your items are protected, however if we do run into  a situation we have trucks on standby ready to step in and finish the job in order to meet proper and legal delivery spreads.

Household and Auto transport moves are, of course, two separate moves as to the style of truck and delivery spreads. Obviously an auto carrier can be unloaded quicker than an entire household. We would ask that you consult with your trusted moving coordinator as to the best way of timing both trucks to remain as convenient as possible for your busy schedule.

Our vast network & relationships built over the years allow us to facilitate some of the most challenging moves. We have a network hub in Anchorage, AK where all moves would go to first before being sent out to the specific location in AK. We also have long standing relationships with the ports in Long Beach, CA for Hawaiian moves, Port of Miami, FL and Bronx, NY when it comes to shipping out cargo to Puerto Rico.